About Jetbeep

Jetbeep offers mobile engagement and interaction in the physical world. We have created simple and efficient experiences than bring value to both consumers and business.

JetBeep was founded in 2017 by Valery Chekalkin and Oleh Hordiichuk.


With a commitment of making mobile customer engagement and interaction in the off-line world efficient, simple and emotional.


By creating meaningful experiences that allow customers to easily access off-line services via mobile and wearable technology.

And on the other hand:

Enabling businesses and brands to build 1 on 1 meaningful and emotional relationships with customers in a real world environment.


We are building hardware and software products for retail, entertainment, transportation, vending and IoT.

Upon our products we provide solutions for customer identification, proximity marketing, mobile wireless loyalty, mobile payments and validations, telemetry and remote management.


Users first
Our key goal above all is creating value for our users, convenience and simplicity.
Right time
To be at the fingertips when necessary, in the right place at the right time.
We have to add magic and joy to every interaction.
Less clicks, intuitive, relevant, contextual.
No spam
Efficient mobile moments, only valuable information in that particular instance.
To store as less user data as possible. All the required sensitive data has to be stored on the customers device.

Team Values

Flat structure
Less people, no managers. Everyone can manage himself.
Take ownership
Every employee is a partner.
Best people
Wherever they are - a fully remote/distributed team.

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